7 Africa Countries – in just 6 Months !

When we started 2022, we had never in our wildest dreams thought that we would be having all these Africa Kneels events in the latter part of 2022.

And today, we give God all the Glory – for leading, guiding and GROWING this Repentance Team in AFRICA, where He just opened doors and spoke into the hearts of the different Pastors in 7 Africa countries – touching them with the message of Repentance !!

THUS: Please join us, and celebrate with us, the successes that happened during this year…!!

This is all God’s doing, we just moved with His Spirit, and allowed Him to lead us…

If you wonder how did it all start – I guess it started from an initiative we tried for America – to have an America Kneels event – on April 24th, 2022 – and from there after, Bishop John Bulinda heard about it, sharing with us the Vision God gave him about the AAA – America, Africa & Australia for Jesus, he contacted Ps Antony Shimenga Muyeka in Kenya, and together they informed us that they wanted to do something similar in Kenya, end of June 2022…

And from there, one thing just started leading to another, and today, mid-December 2022, we are looking back, and we are standing in Awe of how quickly the messages spread through to the different nations in Africa, and we can already say that we are having interest being raised by more pastors in some of the other African Countries.

Thus, if you want to join us, and arrange your Africa Kneels event in your Country, please complete the Registration form below, and also join us in our weekly Zoom meetings, where we get to meet each other, Pray & Repent together, and even take time to hear from God what is Wisdom and His plans for Africa Kneels…

And thus we are looking forward with much anticipation of what God is going to do in 2023, and beyond !!!

Thus, please join us now over the Festive time from December 24th, 2022, through to 2nd of January, 2023, and take some time with the Lord, and Repent and Pray for the 54 nations of Africa, and ask God if He don’t want to show you any wisdom or plans perhaps for your country, or for the Africa Kneels Team, as to how we can go about spreading this message of Repentance into the rest of Africa – and even beyond !!!

And if you do get any answers from the Lord, please don’t hesitate letting us know – by either sending an e-mail to Ps Jeff Daly, or any of the other Pastors on our contact Page, or even just leave a message on our Contact form on our Front Page, and we will come back to you…

And also, don’t hesitate to connect with us, on our weekly Zoom calls, as we would love to meet you, and pray with you for your country !!

May God Bless Africa – and May HE send us His Revival Fire, as we continue to seek His Face, Repent of our sins, and TURN from our Wicked ways !!!

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