Rev 12:11  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

On this page we will be listing every testimony we receive, since the start of our 1st Kenya Kneels event Beginning July, 2022.

THUS: If you have a testimony you want to share with us of how REPENTANCE during any of the KNEELS Events has changed your life..., please feel free to either complete the form further below on this page, or you can e-mail your information and photos to pastorjeff@repentday.com, or admin@torchoftruth.net

We would love to hear from you, and to Rejoice and Thank God with you for all He has done in your life...

You do have the option of staying anonymous, but if it is at all possible, we would love to have a photo of you, and maybe even a photo or 2 from before and after your  Repentance experience, showing what God has done in your life, and how you received your breakthrough and/or answers from God, or how Repentance has changed your life..etc..

Remember: A Testimony is POWERFUL when you share it, as it can help someone out there, reading your testimony, to encourage them in their FAITH and TRUST in the Lord, to also receive their breakthrough, or answers...or help them to take that step of actual Confessing and Repenting of any sin God might be laying on their hearts.

thus, please don't hold back your Testimony, or think that it is too small or too insignificant to share...

Not one testimony is too small or insignificant. If your life has changed, then God's Hand has touched your life, and His Kingdom Power has come upon you..!!


May God Heal and Bless Africa !!

Testimonies received from the Youth event in Zambia - Youth ARISE - April 2023

We have received numerous testimonies from Apostle Memory since the Youth Repentance event  was held in April 2023 in Zambia...Here follows just some of them, as we just don't have the space to include them all...


First testimony we've received was that the youth's that were involved in the conference from the beginning, didn't want the Fire of God moving in their community to stop after their conference ended that Sunday, April 10th... They thus decided right there and then to gather weekly on a Saturday, to go out into the communities, and to continue with evangelism, sharing the Gospel, and the message of Repentance with any and all they could find that wanted to hear...just like they started doing during their conference. And from these outreaches every week, after they first gathered at church for prayers before going out, reaching the unreached... a number of people have come to Repentance and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And since then Apostle Memory have let us know that they are seeing the Fruits of Repentance, as every week now, they are receiving new members in their church who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior..!!

God is surely using the youths reaching the unreached !!

Below are some Photos of them going into the streets, talking to people, praying for the Sick, as well as some videos of some of their testimonies...

Then a 2nd Testimony we've received recently was from a lady - Mrs Mercy Zulu, whom these youths ministered to during one of their Saturday outreaches, and she chose to receive the Lord Jesus as her savior.

Now, she was living with someone's husband, but on the Sunday she sent away the man back to the first wife, and went to church.!!

And then on Monday evening some of the youths together with Apostle Memory visited Mercy, to pray for her, and blessed her with a small bag of Mealie Meal Flower, a bottle of cooking oil and 500k for her to pay her house rent, after she gave her life to Jesus Christ this weekend, for God is love.

 She replied that she was sleeping as they came, as there was no food at home.

But after their visit, she was so happy, she told us that “I’m finding it hard to believe that I have people who care about me”….

You can also see below some of the photos and a video as the youths were praying for her...

And then a 3rd testimony came in, also from Apostle Memory, where 3 of these youths, have felt recently that they must start empowering each other that can be helping us and helping more of the youths as well.

Then one of the young men said, he in fact has a career for a barber shop, and he knows how to do barber work, and then one of the young ladies said, she knows how to do hair, how to blow and plating, etc... And they then said "If we can come up with a shop, and we start putting things there like wigs for woman, we buy blowers and other equipment, we can start a small business, so that it can help us..."

Then Ps Jeff Daly sowed a seed into this vision as support for this business to come about. And from the money they've received, they bought 3 of the Barber hair clippers, and as a group they looked for a small place where they can start their business as a Barber shop, cutting hair and doing ladies hair, etc...

There ae in total 17 in this group of youths working together now with Apostle Memory... And most of them all have their  own different skills... and they are now  standing and working together, supporting each other and see how they can all start to work and be more busy, not sitting around anymore, not doing anything - mostly because of financial difficulties, where  either their parents or their grand parents - as some are still living with their grandmother - can't afford supporting them anymore...

One of them even want to go back to School, finishing his last 2 years of school, as he had to drop out due to financial constraints.

We are all trusting God together for an income to come from this venture, and that these youths will succeed in their plans, and that they will increase and grow in their  respective businesses and/or careers...

See below a video from the Barber shop they have started. 

If you want to sow into these youths, for them to grow and increase and improve even further, you are welcome to contact either Ps Jeff Daly or Apostle Memory Phiri to make arrangements.

Every cent coming in will be used towards the assistance of these youths and further development, as well as for the ministry to grow in Zambia, and to continue the work for them to reach out to their community - just like they did for Mrs Zulu...


May God Bless the Youth of Zambia !!!

Testimony 1
Youths coming together on Saturdays with Apostle Memory, before they go out to minister and share the message of repentance in their community.
Above 2 videos - are testimonies from 2 of the youths, as to what God has been doing in their lives since the Youth Arise Conference in April 2023
Testimony 2
Testimony 3

Testimonies received after the Kenya Kneels event Beginning of July 2022

Testimony received from Ps Antony Muyeka:

Praise God for the Kenya kneels repentance and healing prayers that was held as from 30th June to 3rd July at our knew Life Covenant Church-Kakamega Maraba region near Cereals board.
We thank the Lord for answering our prayers and returning the nation of the world to Jehovah God of all creation and healing families in Jesus name.
For the first time we saw the meeting that was to take three days being extended by one day and going beyond the hours we had programmed hallelujah.
Many souls were saved and delivered from bondage and strongholds which is a fruit of repentance and this was achieved because of being obedient to the Almighty God.
For the first time in history we ate communion with our pastor Susan Hammer leading us from South Africa and after communion there was joy and jubilation hallelujah
The nation of the world are waiting to hear and see what the Lord is doing to prepare the church for the end time revival that coming to sweep the whole world through repentance and healing prayers and Africa kneels repentance is raising up a banner in the nation of the world.
I want to thank our kingdom Prayer partners Pst Jeffrey Daly of NDR USA, PST Susan Hammer our website designer and moderator , PST.David Wanderi USA, Askofu Amoni Bategetego Amahwa from Arusha Tanzania who was our guest speaker and Missionary Protus Bulinda and the wife hallelujah, not forgetting pastor Jacob Lubisia a humble servant of God.
Our Host pastor John Matiti for allowing us hold the meeting at his church and organizing the whole week for Prayers Praise God the wife Beatrice did a great job of preparing bread without yeast for our Lord’s table Service.
Am greatful for the vision Bearer Bishop John Bulinda and his wife Mary Bulinda all the. Way from America interceding for the nation’s of the world and now God has remembered Africa which was looked upon like the dark continent but today something good has come from Africa Praise God.
On behalf of the Kenya kneels repentance and healing prayers being the coordinator of the Event am greatful to the Almighty God and bless the Lord for my wife Hellen Muyuga for standing in the gab and ensuring that our visitor is well taken care of and the entire departments and even media team you did a good job.
Now that Malawi kneels is in August this year,we are praying for the meeting and interceding for all the nation of the world to kneel before the Almighty God in repentance that times of refreshment may come from the presence of God.
Hosea 6:1-2 Come and let us return unto the Lord,,, for he hath torn ,and he will heal us ,he has smitten,and he will bind us up.
After three days will he Revive us , in the third day he will Raise us up and we shall live in his sight. Hallelujah Hallelujah.
Thanks for being part of this end times army in Jesus name amen
Coordinator Kenya kneels national
Pastor Antony Shimenga Muyeka

Feedback from the Elections in Kenya 

The Elections in Kenya was August 9th, 2022, for which everyone was praying that it would be a peaceful election.

And Overall the Elections were peaceful, and there were not much resistance even around  the outcome of the Elections - although a dispute was raised by the previous president, but after the courts ruled in favor of Mr. William Ruto.

And On August 15, Mr. William Ruto, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, was declared the winner of the 2022 presidential election.

Then the amazing thing happened - when Mr Ruto was inaugurated on September 13th, 2022, together with his deputy Mr. Gachagua, and their wives, they all knelt and showed their submission before God Almighty !!

And this is to us a sign, that God's hand was in this elections, and confirmed it all through the Newly Elected President and his deputy together with their wives, knelt and prayed to God in public.

See below some photos of the inauguration.

Pastor Dorcas & Mama Ruto - Second and First Ladies of Kenya

Testimonies received after the Malawi Kneels event in August 2022

We have received a number of testimonies during and also after the events that happened between August 16th to 22nd, 2022.

Ps Antony Muyeka, and Bishop Amon Mahwa from Tanzania who were originally part of the Kenya Kneels events, also joined Bishops Edward, Albert & Joseph for the Malawi Kneels events.

Evangelist Sylvia & Apostle Memory from Zambia, also came through to join in on these events, and to minister and travel with the rest of the Malawi team to the various venues. And what a time they had - ministering all over. People from all over Malawi attended these services, and many souls were saved, and a large number of people's lives were impacted and changed. Too many to count.


God has certainly moved throughout Malawi during this time...

BUT: then the greatest miracle of all happened - and I'll use Bishop Joseph's feedback - to explain the excitement - about the President of Malawi, President Lazarus, also joined in on this initiative, and publicly kneeled at a stadium, praying and encouraging others to do the same..!!


Here follows Bishop Joseph's testimony re it all:

It was God who wanted 🇲🇼 Malawi as a Nation to Kneel have seen this for the first time in Malawi history or Africa to see our President yesterday Kneeling with thousands of citizens at Silver Stadium appealing to people to bow their knees after he denounced witchcraft, darkness, poverty and sins of the nation from the past to now  it's New Malawi 🇲🇼  and he is saying this is a new year for Malawi,

Declaration was done to arrest darkness, witchcraft , and prostitution and allow the Light of Christ in every department in his Government, in every region this is really Malawi Kneels



May God Bless Malawi


Testimony and Feedback received from Bishop Edward in Malawi, after the Malawi Kneels events


We thank GOD for great Malawi kneels program! we were able to reach out to people in Malawi and other countries through the Global Zoom we had in Balaka which globally we we were together

It was also great in Balaka that physically 4 countries were represented thus Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. People especially reporters have called this an International Repentance Conference. It was difficult but doable. Thanks and GOD Bless you for your spiritual and moral support including your prayers.

We spent money during this time close to 3500 dollars. Out of these bills we paid for lodges for All of Us, Meals and hired car. we are remaining with 320 Dollars to clear our bills. Out of this Pastor Jeff and supporters have given Us 80 dollars as the bill was 400 Dollars. we are not concerned by what went in but the results. Philippians 4:17. Luke 8:3


We thank you ALL for your help.

Locally, a friend to my wife gave Us 50 Dollars for meals. Today she was testifying that she got support of 500 Dollars through her businesses. Another turning point advisor from Lilongwe from Malawi Assemblies of GOD church in Lilongwe gave Us 150 US dollars. This month she is opening a college. GOD Blesses a cheerful giver.

The Deputy Ambassador of Malawi to Germany also gave Us 50 Dollars. May GOD Bless their work. 

Internationally we thank NDR partners for helping and my other long time friends in the USA in Oklahoma, Colorado springs and Michigan who helped.

Churches also contributed a little from Elshammah Church, Emmanual Christian Church, Nazarene church, Bishop Joseph Assemblies of GOD church, Church of Christ, Baptist Church Dedza and others. team work helps. ACTS 6:3



We were well covered on state television and Radios including LWC FM radio where we have our weekly radio program kneeling down for Malawi. Many calls are coming for Us to be praying for their families and nations


During Malawi Kneels, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania team drove into capital Hill Government offices around 8pm at main gate. This is where billions of kwacha were siphoned. We prayed against cashgate looting of funds and not any police officer blocked Us from that

After that we went close to the Reserve Bank and prayed for the healing of Malawi Economy. Next day we heard that Chinese Government forgave Malawi a bill of 5.5 billion kwacha

We also went to parliament building and near kamuzu mausoleum where the first late president of Malawi was laid to rest. We pulled down strongholds of witchcraft, fraud and tribalism

What pleased me most when I and Dr Sylvester who was driving Us went to Mwami Zambia Boarder to escort Zambia team, Bishops Albert, Antony and Amon went to civo stadium one of the biggest stadia in Malawi

They asked stadium managers to pray for Malawi. They did not only ask to pray for the grounds or pitch. They went to the VIP section. That was faith.


We also distributed gospel tracts during Balaka Malawi kneels program to over 1500 people at the trading centre

We also had time to stop on he way and pray together outside the car


We have seen that apart from conferences we need to have time to declare GODly roots for our nations. Families were also prayed for.

Dr Sylvester fell sick but was able to drive Us. we thank GOD now that He is healing in Jesus name!

We thus pray for Zimbabwe and Zambia kneels. GOD never fails. team work makes the dream to work. we pray for the global call tonight

During Malawi Kneels, our Brother Pastor Antony connected with a great woman of GOD by Grace. Her name is Evangelist Julliet from Nigeria. A woman who loves repentance! She has joined zoom twice. She is crying for the healing of Nigeria. I know next time we can do zoom prayer for Nigeria.

Last Wednesday she visited our page and getting blessed with our ministry

GOD Bless us ALL

2 chronicles 7:14

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