We have reached 7 Africa Countries in just 6  Months in 2022!!

Join us again between June 24th to 25th, 2023



Will enough Africans, who are called by His Name - Humble Themselves, Pray, Seek His Face and TURN---really repent---from their wicked ways, so that He will hear from heaven, forgive sin and heal their land?   

Only the Holy Spirit will know the right number--- but even a small number may work, given the Lord wanting only 300 to help Gideon.  God used those without fear and those who got down on their knees and lapped, putting their hands in the water to their mouth, so that God rightfully would receive ALL the glory for delivering any nation. 1 Sam 14:6 NIV "...Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few"

The GOAL for Africa Kneels is, given an estimated 1,2 billion African people, for at least 12,000 - one out of every 100,000 Africans - at the very least one person from every African country - to sign up and actually spend time at some point, one on One, Repenting before God. 

Is this God-based strategy speaking to you!   Are you from Africa?

Will you be that ONE out of 100,000,  who, without fear, will be kneeling and repenting to God?

Well KENYA took this Initiative seriously in 2022, and has opted to be the FIRST COUNTRY who chose to humble themselves between June 30th and July 2nd, 2022!!!

And since then, we've also had various events in Malawi,  Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria and Tanzania...


Each and every one of these events had been very successful indeed..!!
God has visited each of these  congregations, counties & countries over the various days of their individual Repentance events which they have arranged individually, and they all finished off with Great Miracles, and many Deliverances and Salvations etc. Many have indeed turned their lives around and committed their heart for the Lord again.!! Even the President of Malawi - Lazarus Chakwera, have joined in and encouraged the people to kneel before God, and to renounce all Witchcraft and to serve the Living God alone. There are many other miracles that happened, Rain that fell, People getting healed, etc... Too many to mention here. You can visit our Testimonies Page for more details...


If you were part of any of these events, please share your testimonies with us - we would love to share it here on the website - letting everyone know what God did for you, your family and for your Country!!



We are so excited to tell you that as for the first half of 2023 our biggest events seems to be around the African YOUTH !!


We've had a few Africa Kneels events between February and May thus far - all followed again with their own Miracles and Testimonies as in 2022...


But the Focus has been on Zambia, who kicked off in April 2023, with a Youth ARISE Conference, and we've had such great results flowing from this event - with the Zambia Youth being set on Fire for the Lord...

And with all the things already happening in Malawi as part of the regular OUT youth  Training events, a 2nd Youth Conference is now planned in June 2023 - as a JOINT VENTURE between ZAMBIA & MALAWI Youth - called OUT and ARISE !!



SO: Will you REPENT for your sins and the sins of the nations of Africa, interceding for AFRICA, to come to God, and for Revival to Break Forth on this Continent of Africa..??
And will you join us - as we REPENT for the YOUTH of AFRICA to come to JESUS? 



And do join our Weekly Africa Kneels Repentance Zoom meetings, where we pray for these countries, and every country joining us, as well as for every Africa Kneels event coming up...etc...

For all the Zoom information and time, please visit our ABOUT Page.

Which nation will be next?  Will it be: 

 Botswana Kneels, Ethiopia Kneels or perhaps Congo Kneels or even Rwanda Kneels or Somalia Kneels?


If you want to raise your hand for your country, please see further below the contact form you can complete, letting us know from which country you are, and when you want to have your Africa Kneels event to take place.

AND: We will keep you posted on all the Events as and when we receive more information from the relevant pastors..

So keep watching this website, and visit our EVENTS pages, for all the information...

Our Prayer though all this is that May the LORD touch many hearts in many nations Globally, not just in Africa, with the insight into God's Gift of Repentance and God's Solution to heal every nation on the Continent of Africa.

Register Your Country TODAY !!

Goal: TOT Registrations#58#12000
Goal: Africa Countries#10#54


3 Continents on Fire for God

Latest Feedback Received

The season we have been waiting for has come for the continent of Africa to hear the voice of God and repent in holiness

The season we have been waiting for has come for the continent of Africa to hear the voice of God and repent in holinessWe are coming to kilimanjaro kneeling before the Almighty God.Am humbled to be a partaker of this 🔥 burning and your prayers are highly appreciated.

Ps Antony

Let’s be humble and continue to repent so that when Christ comes to take the church home

Am thankful for your support and creating of this website of Africa kneels down and let’s be humble and continue to repent so that when Christ comes to take the church home;we may be amongst the remnants.
May God bless Susan Hammer and the team and my prayer is because Tanzania are Swahili nation;we shall have translation in it in Jesus name ameni.

Bishop Amoni

flag of repentance has been planted for God’s Glory in the Land of Kilimanjaro

Am greatful to be connected to this family of Africa kneels down all the way from Arusha; since we began the meeting God has been saving and delivering lives
The Lord has delivered the land of Kilimanjaro and it’s people and the flag of repentance has been planted for God’s glory.
Am blessed to be part of end time army in Jesus name Amen.

Bother Michael

May the Fire of God Empower; Deliver; Redeem

May the fire of God empower; deliver; redeem and may Holy Spirit bring the greatest revival of His love; repentance and resurrection authority and salvation; freedom to be all He calls each to be.

Mary from the USA

Am so grateful to join Africa Kneels

Am so grateful to join africakneels. Glorify God for the successful mission at Taveta May God bless you the vision bearer of this great and powerful missions.

Apostle Boaz

What a blessing to kneel before the Lord in repentance and healing prayers of Malawi nation and the entire Africa continent.

What a blessing to kneel before the Lord in repentance and healing prayers of Malawi nation and the entire africa continent.
We arrived safely in Lilongwe kamuzu Banda international airport and went to synagogue church of Christ (KAG) Lilongwe of Bishop Joseph Kazembe- and it was the launch of our one week repentance and healing prayers for the nation and the move of God was great as people were kneeling and confessing their sins and those of the nation before the Almighty God and yesterday we had a prayer walk in the capital Hill and city of Lilongwe praying and demolishing strongholds of poverty and demonstration in the city that has stagnated the growth of the city and passed through the kamuzu Banda mosolium and Lilongwe River and all government offices and banks proclaiming the year of the Lord.
May this FIRE touch lives in Jesus name amen.
Pastor Antony Shimenga Muyeka
New Life Covenant church -Mudete Kenya

Ps Antony Muyeka

The Lord had Magnificent plans for Africa by my being obedient to fulfill the call upon my life

When the LORD sent me to the United States in 2013, little did I know that He had Magnificent plans for Africa by my being obedient to fulfill the call upon my life…. to Gather America and Nations back to Yeshua the Christ.
As a member of the Repentance and Prayer Team, am very grateful for being an active participant of Africa Kneels which is the umbrella for all the 55 African countries humbling themselves before King Jesus.
When I asked the LORD to release me back to my motherland Africa, He told me that He was not done with me yet until America is done with six abominable things:
Abortion, Same sex marriage, Euthanasia, Transgender, Human/Sex Trafficking which is accompanied by Drug Abuse.
Abortion has been successfully removed as legal and I believe God is not done with America yet as well as All Nations AFRICA KNEELS is the vehicle for Africa to undertake The Gift of REPENTANCE and led the Way to Restore God’s Grace upon all Nations.

Bishop John

We pray for the healing of our country as we approach the forthcoming elections on 9th August

Am humbled to be a partaker of this Kenya kneels repentance coordinator after intercessory prayer with my brother Bishop John Bulinda and today it’s being fulfilled and coming to reality.
We pray for the healing of our country as we approach the forthcoming elections on 9th August Amen

Ps Antony

We; in the UK and Ireland desperately need prayer too

I am from Northern Ireland in the UK. I have ministered alongside Pastor Antony Shimenga and Pastor John in Kenya several times. I love the people of Kenya; Uganda; Rwanda etc where I have held conferences and crusades. We; in the UK and Ireland desperately need prayer too. God bless you all.

Dr Eileen

Lets join hands and seriously pray

Lets join hands and seriously pray for our continent Africa.God will hear us.



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