The following events have officially been Scheduled, and some have completed already - but you can follow more on each event on their relative page per country...

We are now waiting for the following country to indicate that they want to join in on these events, but we are happy to announce that Malawi, Zambia and Kenya are already Planning their next Malawi /Zambia & Kenya Kneels Events . And Zambia has indicated they are also planning a Zambia Kneels event for the YOUTHS in April 2023 !!

Thus, this is not the end..!!!

Should you wish to register your country for the NEXT KNEELS EVENT, please complete the Registration Form below, and we will be in contact with you shortly to arrange with you all the details, and how to assist you in marketing it all, as well as praying for you and with you, and for your country...

We are looking forward to reach each and ever Africa Nation (including every Island) for Jesus !!


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